Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Weight recap!

So a while ago I did a post about my weight. I have since then kept struggling but it is working :) I have gone out in crop tops and not been shamed. I have come off the one meal a day diet and am not on two meals a day. Plus the hour of exercise. The diet is still quite challenging especially seeing the HUGE amount of food the people around me eat. So i've found a new but controversial way of sticking to my diet. Everytime I get near food or feel like eating when im not supposed to I get up a pro ana site on my blackberry and read the quotes. These give me the willpower to not eat :)

Some of my favourite quotes:
the infamous kate moss quote - 'nothing tastes as good as skinny feels'

Saying 'no thankyou' is saying 'yes please' to being thin

Eating is weak, be strong and you will be better than everyone

Anyone can have inner beauty but few can earn real beauty inside and out

Starving hurts but it works.

Now some of you may think these are very extremists and strange however they really work for me and make not eating quite easy :) obviously these could be very dangerous for anorexic people but I believe I use them sensibly and in the way they are designed to be used. My two favourite sites are www.starvingbeauty.com and Ana's thinspiration.

What are your thoughts on this very controversial topic?



  1. i think that maybe its good that you're doing the exercise (im ABSOLUTELY terrible at this, i never do any!) but are you sure that two meals a day or one meal a day is good ? maybe it would be better to just eat smaller, healthier portions? sorry if this sounds really preachy or teacherly i dont mean it to!
    also, i dont think its such a good idea to take inspiration from the pro ana sites, because although you may not see yourself as an anorexic person, i think thats how many people start out. its great that you're feeling more confident about yourself, and wearing crop tops is great! but dont forget that you dont need to starve yourself to be thin, you can get there in a helthy way

    sorry if this offended you, i really dont mean it to!
    lots of love


  2. Hi, I agree with Suyinsays. Its not good to take advice from pro anna sites because thats how eating disorders start. I am sorry if I am offending you but I have watched this happen to people I know and its not nice to watch someone got through this sort of thing. However I'm so happy that you have confidence wearing crop tops now ! So happy for you :) x

  3. ohh dont worry guys im not offended! i've stopped using them after my friends pointed out how ridiculous i've been. And i realised that by putting in a jog every morning I can actually eat normally. I have time to do more exercise now because its the holidays :) But yeah thankyou so much for your concerns guys. seriously you are so nice!

  4. its ok dont worry about it!
    lots of love and hope youre having a lovely easter break