Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Weight recap!

So a while ago I did a post about my weight. I have since then kept struggling but it is working :) I have gone out in crop tops and not been shamed. I have come off the one meal a day diet and am not on two meals a day. Plus the hour of exercise. The diet is still quite challenging especially seeing the HUGE amount of food the people around me eat. So i've found a new but controversial way of sticking to my diet. Everytime I get near food or feel like eating when im not supposed to I get up a pro ana site on my blackberry and read the quotes. These give me the willpower to not eat :)

Some of my favourite quotes:
the infamous kate moss quote - 'nothing tastes as good as skinny feels'

Saying 'no thankyou' is saying 'yes please' to being thin

Eating is weak, be strong and you will be better than everyone

Anyone can have inner beauty but few can earn real beauty inside and out

Starving hurts but it works.

Now some of you may think these are very extremists and strange however they really work for me and make not eating quite easy :) obviously these could be very dangerous for anorexic people but I believe I use them sensibly and in the way they are designed to be used. My two favourite sites are www.starvingbeauty.com and Ana's thinspiration.

What are your thoughts on this very controversial topic?


Saturday, 27 March 2010

Tip of the day!

So I found this new way of applying eyeshadow last night while getting ready for a party (I know good time to experiment ehh?) I was applying a pigment to my lid and I wanted it to be really vibrant so having primed my eye I put a little water in the cap and some pigment in with that like I have seen done many times by people on youtube videos on beauty blogs. This looked really vibrant however it was quite messy. I then got washed and drieed my brush and applied some dry pigment over the top of the wet pigment - it stuck so well and kept the gorgeous mettalicy finish! Definitely worth a try! I did this with barry m dazzle dust in number 8 silver iridescence but it would work with any colour or type of pigment.

Try this out if you've got time and want to make an impact at an event :)

What are your feelings on barry m dazzle dusts? Favourite colour?


Thursday, 25 March 2010

Really really quick post

I am so so so sorry guys! I havent been posting all week because I've been so so sick :( ughhh. But now I'm better tho I am gonna get an early night hence the hell boring quick post. I will do a full nice post on saturday - can't tomorrow as I'm off to a house party :D woop woop!

Hope you've all had an amazing week my darlings and have a good weekend! What are you up to? Please comment - i love to hear what everyones plans are!

Also, I havent had any new followers in a while :/ and new followers really make my day (aswell as your lovely comments) so if you think anyone you know would like to read this blog then pass it on :) cheers!


Monday, 22 March 2010

My super sweet 16 :)

So I have just turned 16 as I have mentioned many times on my blog! I had a huge 16th birthday party with 100 guests in a really nice venue with a dj and bar and everything. I had SUCH a good time - seriously one of the best parties i've ever been too. Everyone had so much fun and I would love to have another one (my parents however are not so keen to pay out for another £1000 party XD) This is what I wore - It is a dress from asos and shoes from kurt geiger. My mum is wearing a dress from topshop and shoes from peacocks.

Do any of you remember what you did for your 16ths?


Sunday, 21 March 2010

60s babyyyy

So last weekend I went to a fancy dress party - I mentioned it on here before but it was so much fun! And I just thought I'd post what I wore. So I didn't want to go out and hire a costume or anything because as a schoolgirl living purely off my parents and babysitting money I have more important things to spend my money on so I found some things at home :)

I wore my mums top from joe Browns as a dress and then wore my leather hotpants from h and m underneath. I found some random black 60s like boots - I think I wore them when i was younger. Thankfully they still fitted! I backcombed my hair and clipped it. For makeup i did white frost eye shadow on the lid then benefit bad gal liner and black tied mac eyeshadow in the crease and on the top and bottom lash lines then finished with a nude lip. Hope you like it :) Oh total cost = £0 woop woop

Song of the day: Pass out by Tinie Tempah
It was my birthday party yesterday and everyone went crazy at this song. Genuinelly amazing party - I'm so grateful to my mum and dad! I shall post some pictures of my outfit soon.


Friday, 19 March 2010

LOTD: Mother's Day makeup

Hey you guys :) Sorry I haven't posted for a couple of days! Anyways this is the makeup I wore when I went out to the golf club for mothers day meal. I have been SO brave and posted a picture of myself without foundation or concealer on :S This is my skin in all its not perfect, pale glory! Anyways I did a really simple quick look. I just put Mac's crystal eyeshadow all over the lid and then put some Mac satellite dreams eyeshadow concentrated at the lashline. On top of that I put some purple liquid liner from avon and then just added some mascara. On my lips I put concealer and then some lancome lipgloss :) Hope you like it!

So this week has been amazing for me because it was my birthday :) I am officially 16 :D I got some lovely presents including a blackberry and v tickets from my parents! I may post some of the other clothes/jewellery/makeup i got soon.

Have a great weekend guys! What are you up to this weekend?


Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Little Haul to share with you :)

So after my english result I got £100 to spend :D woop woop! I went into town on saturday and these are the things that I bought:

This is an instant fake tan from rimmel. I needed it that night because I was off to a party and wanted to have bare legs but I'm sure I will be getting lots of use out of this as the summer starts arriving! The consistency of this was really nice and the smell was lovely, not anything like normal faketans. It looks really dark when it comes out but actually is sheer and leaves a really nice, longlasting colour on the skin. Highly recommended at just £3.99!

These are some shorts I got from Miss Selfridge for £28. They are a really nice fit and work perfectly well for the new spring summer season. They encorporate both denim and military in one so are very on trend. They will become a well used basic in my summer wardrobe I am sure!

And these shoes are my new love! They are the most expensive shoes I've ever bought at £75 from River Island but I am actually in love with them. The nude colour, military style and wooden heel make these shoes painfully on trend. And they give me much needed extra height while still being easy to walk in. I cannot rave enough about them!!!

So these were my purchases from the weekend :) What are your thoughts on them? Think they were good buys?


Monday, 15 March 2010

Another OOTD

Apologies for the very weird facial expression! And the randomness of the background!

I wore this outfit for yet another non uniform day at my school and then out the next day into town for shopping and chatting :) I am wearing a dress from topshop, my lovely vintage ralph lauren shirt (best item in my wardrobe by far atm!) and a belt from urban outfitters. I have encorporated this summers trends of denim and leopard print into a cold weather outfit.

Hope you like it and it inspires you in some way :)


Sunday, 14 March 2010


Finally the pictures from the dizzee rascal and lily allen concert are up! This is what I wore :) Dress from Topshop, shirt vintage ralph lauren and shoes from my mums wardrobe.

Happy Mothers day! What did you get for your mum? I got mine some cupcakes and were all going out for a meal today.

Hope you had a good weekend!


Friday, 12 March 2010

Happiness :D and shoes to look at.

So I've been trying to post the past few days but for some reason it wasn't allowing me to :( anyways i am SOOOOO happy because i got some gcse results back! Well one. For some reason my school decide to make us do the english language exam (i do both language and literature english as two separate gcses) like 6 months early. But anyways i took it in january and got my results back on thursday and got an A*! So now i have 2 a* gcses under my belt before even going into the summer exams (I already have an A* in it which I took in year 9). But yeah it also means I got £100 from my parents which shall buy me some very lovely shoes - i've already ordered some clogs off the river island website. What do you think? Clogs - yay or nay? And I shall be spending the rest in town tomorrow.
I'm in tonight for like the 1st time in about a year :( I have to revise for my german oral exam which is in just 4 days :S but its fine because i've got a party tomorrow :) what are you guys up to this weekend?

Anyways, to make this post a little worthwhile and interesting for you and not just me forcing my excitement and happiness onto you I have got pictures for you of some new shoes I recently bought. My birthday is in just 5 days - I'm going to be 16 and I'm having a HUGE 16th birthday party next weekend which i am so excited for! I bought some new shoes from Kurt Geiger for the party - they are sooo pretty but so high that I can barely walk in them let alone dance for 4 hours :S What do you think? :)

Hope you liked this post - sorry for it being abit rambly. Have an amazing weekend lovelies :)


Tuesday, 9 March 2010

REVIEW: Mac costa chic lipstick

Here is my costa chic lipstick from mac:

So this lipstick I bought on new year's eve when I went up to london from selfridges mac counter. Now, I've only just got into lipsticks - before I was completely a gloss girl, still am to an extent but yeah :). This was the second lipstick I bought - I now have 4.

What mac sells it as: Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M·A·C famous. And the colour is described as - a frosty light coral.

Price: I bought it for £12 but apparently its gone up to £12.50. ughh mac stop putting the prices up :(

My review: First thoughts this lipstick is expensive. Yes it is expensive and when your my age it is a lot to pay for a lipstick however I love the brands and quality of makeup and would not mind spending about £15 on an eyeliner so that didn't bother me that much. And I would say you definitely get what you pay for! The texture of all the mac lipsticks is so nice - creamy, soft and not drying. Exactly what you need in a lipstick! The colour comes out really well on the lips and can be made really subtle with a thin layer or very dramatic with a few layers applied. The colour itself is absolutely beautiful. It is a gorgeous orangey coral and looks absolutely stunning on all skintones. It comes out very nicely on pale skin but I think it will come into its own when worn with a tan - will definitely be featuring in my summer makeup! It can be matched with most things on the eyes and I've found it works particularly with a neutral and brown based shadows. However it could be used with a black smokey eye to create a really dramatic nighttime effect. I consider it the best lipstick i own (others I have include mac's cosmo and sandy d) and I think i will use it alot in the summer. Also, I wore it on my first date with my last boyfriend - and lets just say it worked ;).

Would I buy again - most definitely yes. Havent found this colour anywhere else. absolutely beautiful.

Thankyou for reading :) if you have anything you would like me to review leave me a comment and i'll see if i have it :D

hope your having a good week


Monday, 8 March 2010

Tip of the Day

Oh yes another tip :D Before I go on to it last night i went to the dizzee rascal and lily allen concert at the o2 in london. it was absolutely amazing!!! Me and my girls were up dancing the whole way though - seriously they are both such incredible performers! If your ever near one of either of their concerts definitely go see it! I wanted to find a picture of lily because she looked so gorgeous and her eye makeup was amazing. but there arent any up and my ones were really bad quality :/ My favourite songs of the night were holiday by dizzee rascal and 22 by lily allen. Oh soon i will do an outfit post of what i wore :)

Anyways I'll stop rambleing about my weekend - do you guys actually like hearing about what i get up to? When I read blogs I love to hear what they've been doing because it makes it much more personal but would you prefur if I kept it just to makeup and fashion?

The tip of the day is a really simple hair style that takes about a second to do and is SO on trend for this ss10. It is the alexander wang plait!

It was features on every girl in his ss10 collection and is the perfect hair style for school or work, ont the beach, in town, out partying literally anywhere! And its so easy to do simply brush your hair to the side and put it in a loose plait. Works especially well on long hair but medium length hair can do it too. It can look both dressed down and up! I wore it last night to the concert and will be regularly using it this whole spring summer season. Hope you like it!


Sunday, 7 March 2010

My weight loss plan

So I decided to stray away from the usual fashion/makeup posts. Don't worry they will be back tomorrow :) I've decided to tell you about my dieting habits in the hope someone can offer advice to shift those last few pounds.
So basically I have been dieting almost constantly since i was about 10. I was a really fat child when i was younger but lost so much weight when I was 11/12 and went really skinny. I then gradually put it all back on until I was almost a size 10 in year 11. After the last summer I did a huge crash diet where I ate basically nothing for a couple of weeks and went back down to a size 8. My weight then gradually came back until I went on yet another crash diet where I ate nothing for half a week then only fruit for the rest of the week. From then on I stopped eating my full 3 meals a day and a snack and cut down to just lunch and dinner.
Diet plan at the moment - For breakfast I have a can of kick (like red bull)
I then have a special k bar at break and nothing at lunch.
I eat nothing until dinner when I have a normal meal e.g. pasta or chicken or something.
I then do an exercise video every night and go swimming once a week.

I am a size 8 but really want to lose more weight for summer. Only issue - my gcses are coming up and I will have to eat during them to be able to concentrate. So how do i lose and keep off the week? Advice needed!

This is what I look like now:
I am the one on the right btw :) Dress from topshop. But yeah thats me size 8 - I do want to lose alot more weight and am aiming for a size 6 for summer. Basically I want to be able to wear crop tops and not have everyone be like EW shes fat.

What are your diet plans for the summer?

Song of the moment - Human by The Killers.
I actually can not stop listening to it. Reminds me of V festival last year. They were the most amazing headliners and this was just incredible. SO excited about this years!
Anyone else going?


Saturday, 6 March 2010

Advice needed!

So i've got a party next saturday and I need some advice as to how to do my makeup. Its a 60s fancy dress party therefore i was thinking of doing the white and black eyeshadow look however what do i put on my lips/cheeks?! Any advice would be so appreciated! Also costume ideas :S ??

So I went shopping last night and went into my local topshop and was saw so many of those bralet things. What are your thoughts on them? Think they could work either beneath see through bodies or with high waisted shorts/skirts. Think its appropriate to wear them alone in the summer? I may be investing. These are the ones I like the look of :

The above one I was thinking of wearing with a light pink long sleeved lace body and hotpants for a summer party or something. And the one below one its own with shorts or maybe with some high waisted thing. But i dunno there both £20 each from topshop.
Hope your having a great weekend :)


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Tip of the day

So I've decided to start doing little tips and tricks that I have to share :) I am so so tired already today so I'm just gonna do a little post.

Tip of the day: People with fair complexions can wear dark plum and red blushes too! Just find the ends of your cheek bones (near to the side of your nose) and gently blend the colour in from there and back into the hairline. Gives a nice bit of colour without looking too stark and dramatic.

All I can think about at the moment is V FESTIVAL! I've already got my ticket on the pre sale. Anyone else heading down to chelmsford for the festival this summer? Thoughts on the lineup?


Tuesday, 2 March 2010

LOTD: school makeup :)

OK it just made my life to see i had 6 followers :) i feel so honoured so thankyou so so much it means so much to me!
Today I decided to not do another review although I always enjoy the reviews on other peoples blogs and I decided to do a look of the day. Because I still go to school my everyday look have to be school appropriate. Because I love makeup I chagnge my school makeup every day though generally stick to a nude and brown colour scheme. This look is one I do at least once a week for school and is easy and quick for me to do in the mornings :) Enjoy :

Products used:
  • Maybelline pure liquid mineral >
  • clarins stick concealer in 02
  • Benefit 10 blush
  • Mac eyeliner in coffee
  • Mac eyeshadow in honesty
  • Mac eyeshadow in white frost
  • Mac factor false lash effect mascara
  • Benefit badgal plum mascara
  • Benefit lemon aid
  • collection 2000 lip gloss in 04 honey
And for my hair for school I change daily to - either straightened as seen here or in plaits or in a ponytail or bun or curly. I get bored if i do the same thing everyday. Hope you enjoyed reading this post and can get some ideas from it.

Any other ideas for school or work makeup?

Thankyou for reading and have a good week


Monday, 1 March 2010

REVIEW: Maybelline pure liquid mineral foundation

Here is my very dirty bottle of the foundation. In the background you can see my dressing table :D
I've decided to do another review. Hopefully doing two in a row isn't excessive? But this one is for my favourite foundation of the moment - maybellines pure liquid mineral. I love mineral foundations for the winter because they give me a quite heavy coverage - which i need for my skin as well as being moisturising but not overly thick. For summer I tend to use mineral powder foundation instead as it's lighter and means more sun can get to my face. Here is my review for the foundation I use at the moment, maybellines pure liquid mineral.

What maybelline sells it as: Your skin will love our micro-mineral infused liquid foundation… Perfect, flawless yet breathable coverage. Skin appears visibly improved and looks so natural, so healthy.

Price: £7.99

My review: I have nothing but amazing feedback for this product. I absolutely love it! I'm on my second bottle already. Firstly the packaging - it comes with a really easy to use pump which has never broken for me and always distributes a good amount of product. The packaging is not ugly and looks fine on my dressing table as well as being portable and has never leaked. Onto the actual product. It is quite a heavy foundation but because of this it has good coverage and after a while it is very light on the skin however you do have some time of it being sticky while it sinks in after application - however this i have experianced with all the liquids i've tried. The coverage is buildable and the foundation also works very well with cream concealers and blushers. It is very easily applied to the face with either fingers or a foundation brush. This actually took me a while to start liking it - when i first got it I thought it was too heavy and too oily for my skin but that may have been because i went straight from a powder into liquid foundation and my skin had to adjust. The price is very reasonable and is completely affordable for all people. It lasts ages - about 2 or 3 months and I use it every single day. I would most definitely recommend this for winter use as a affordable but quality product for young or older skin alike.

Would I repurchase? I am already on my 2nd bottle and I will definitely be repurchasing when this one runs out. However my next foundation buy will probably be a powder foundation for the summer.

Any ideas of a good powder foundation?
What liquid foundation have you found works?

Hope you had a good day :)