Thursday, 25 March 2010

Really really quick post

I am so so so sorry guys! I havent been posting all week because I've been so so sick :( ughhh. But now I'm better tho I am gonna get an early night hence the hell boring quick post. I will do a full nice post on saturday - can't tomorrow as I'm off to a house party :D woop woop!

Hope you've all had an amazing week my darlings and have a good weekend! What are you up to? Please comment - i love to hear what everyones plans are!

Also, I havent had any new followers in a while :/ and new followers really make my day (aswell as your lovely comments) so if you think anyone you know would like to read this blog then pass it on :) cheers!



  1. Feel better dear! I have finals this weekend, but am off to NYC for a shopping trip with my mum after that since I have a few days off. Have fun at your house party. xoxo

  2. Thankyou :) Good luck!! I'm sure you'll do great! :O wow! i'm going there next christmas with my friend! when you get back post a comment about good bad places to go if you get time - i would love to hear about your trip. :) it was so much fun!