Monday, 1 March 2010

REVIEW: Maybelline pure liquid mineral foundation

Here is my very dirty bottle of the foundation. In the background you can see my dressing table :D
I've decided to do another review. Hopefully doing two in a row isn't excessive? But this one is for my favourite foundation of the moment - maybellines pure liquid mineral. I love mineral foundations for the winter because they give me a quite heavy coverage - which i need for my skin as well as being moisturising but not overly thick. For summer I tend to use mineral powder foundation instead as it's lighter and means more sun can get to my face. Here is my review for the foundation I use at the moment, maybellines pure liquid mineral.

What maybelline sells it as: Your skin will love our micro-mineral infused liquid foundation… Perfect, flawless yet breathable coverage. Skin appears visibly improved and looks so natural, so healthy.

Price: £7.99

My review: I have nothing but amazing feedback for this product. I absolutely love it! I'm on my second bottle already. Firstly the packaging - it comes with a really easy to use pump which has never broken for me and always distributes a good amount of product. The packaging is not ugly and looks fine on my dressing table as well as being portable and has never leaked. Onto the actual product. It is quite a heavy foundation but because of this it has good coverage and after a while it is very light on the skin however you do have some time of it being sticky while it sinks in after application - however this i have experianced with all the liquids i've tried. The coverage is buildable and the foundation also works very well with cream concealers and blushers. It is very easily applied to the face with either fingers or a foundation brush. This actually took me a while to start liking it - when i first got it I thought it was too heavy and too oily for my skin but that may have been because i went straight from a powder into liquid foundation and my skin had to adjust. The price is very reasonable and is completely affordable for all people. It lasts ages - about 2 or 3 months and I use it every single day. I would most definitely recommend this for winter use as a affordable but quality product for young or older skin alike.

Would I repurchase? I am already on my 2nd bottle and I will definitely be repurchasing when this one runs out. However my next foundation buy will probably be a powder foundation for the summer.

Any ideas of a good powder foundation?
What liquid foundation have you found works?

Hope you had a good day :)

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