Monday, 22 March 2010

My super sweet 16 :)

So I have just turned 16 as I have mentioned many times on my blog! I had a huge 16th birthday party with 100 guests in a really nice venue with a dj and bar and everything. I had SUCH a good time - seriously one of the best parties i've ever been too. Everyone had so much fun and I would love to have another one (my parents however are not so keen to pay out for another £1000 party XD) This is what I wore - It is a dress from asos and shoes from kurt geiger. My mum is wearing a dress from topshop and shoes from peacocks.

Do any of you remember what you did for your 16ths?



  1. wow! happy birthday, can't wait ill i turn 16!!! what presents did you get?

  2. happy bday :)
    i went to floridaaaaaaaaaa to celebrate

  3. thankyou suyinsays :) I got my tickets for v ticket and a new blackberry curve aswell as stuff like clothes and makeup. How I love my parents <3
    woww sounds amazing liya. I go to florida every year and love it!