Saturday, 27 March 2010

Tip of the day!

So I found this new way of applying eyeshadow last night while getting ready for a party (I know good time to experiment ehh?) I was applying a pigment to my lid and I wanted it to be really vibrant so having primed my eye I put a little water in the cap and some pigment in with that like I have seen done many times by people on youtube videos on beauty blogs. This looked really vibrant however it was quite messy. I then got washed and drieed my brush and applied some dry pigment over the top of the wet pigment - it stuck so well and kept the gorgeous mettalicy finish! Definitely worth a try! I did this with barry m dazzle dust in number 8 silver iridescence but it would work with any colour or type of pigment.

Try this out if you've got time and want to make an impact at an event :)

What are your feelings on barry m dazzle dusts? Favourite colour?


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