Sunday, 7 March 2010

My weight loss plan

So I decided to stray away from the usual fashion/makeup posts. Don't worry they will be back tomorrow :) I've decided to tell you about my dieting habits in the hope someone can offer advice to shift those last few pounds.
So basically I have been dieting almost constantly since i was about 10. I was a really fat child when i was younger but lost so much weight when I was 11/12 and went really skinny. I then gradually put it all back on until I was almost a size 10 in year 11. After the last summer I did a huge crash diet where I ate basically nothing for a couple of weeks and went back down to a size 8. My weight then gradually came back until I went on yet another crash diet where I ate nothing for half a week then only fruit for the rest of the week. From then on I stopped eating my full 3 meals a day and a snack and cut down to just lunch and dinner.
Diet plan at the moment - For breakfast I have a can of kick (like red bull)
I then have a special k bar at break and nothing at lunch.
I eat nothing until dinner when I have a normal meal e.g. pasta or chicken or something.
I then do an exercise video every night and go swimming once a week.

I am a size 8 but really want to lose more weight for summer. Only issue - my gcses are coming up and I will have to eat during them to be able to concentrate. So how do i lose and keep off the week? Advice needed!

This is what I look like now:
I am the one on the right btw :) Dress from topshop. But yeah thats me size 8 - I do want to lose alot more weight and am aiming for a size 6 for summer. Basically I want to be able to wear crop tops and not have everyone be like EW shes fat.

What are your diet plans for the summer?

Song of the moment - Human by The Killers.
I actually can not stop listening to it. Reminds me of V festival last year. They were the most amazing headliners and this was just incredible. SO excited about this years!
Anyone else going?



  1. Honestly hun, you don't need to loose any weight, your skinny ! :)
    You look beautiful the way you are honestly xx

  2. First off, I think you look lovely and don't need to lose a pound. But as someone who was a former model who was model thin, and got an illness that made her gain close to 40lbs (of which I have lost over 30), I understand how to and how not to lose weight.

    Back when I modeled (started around your age), I was super skinny, but since ya can't be skinny enough, I would not eat and starve to lose weight. That doesn't work, I promise you. That weight loss is only temporary, and will come back (with more). It also screws up your metabolism when you are older. Please don't do this! If you ever need tips on healthy diet or weight loss ideas or just wanna talk about weight loss, please let me know. I have a degree in college in science and have lived it, so I have lots of tips. Email me or something on my blog anytime!

    I did a healthy weight loss after my illness, and lost 30lbs and am almost down to a size 2 where I used to be! But it was harder because I screwed up my body when I used to not eat enough. And just remember you look like you don't need to lose weight in the first place!

  3. aww you guys :) thankyou but i dont want to lose loads of weight just enough so i can wear croptops in summer. ohh i definitely wanna talk about it! my email is
    so email me if you have time
    thankyou so much xxx

  4. Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog - Im sorry to give the really boring answer to your question of how i got that skinny - Im afraid im just naturally that way. But its actually a bit annoying as i physically cannot put on any weight!
    My advice to you though would be to not crash diet in the way you previously did - Not eating or only eating really small amounts will not be a long term solution, you need to just make sure what you do eat is healthy and low in fat/sugars...and of course exercise! I eat 3 meals a day and snack on healthy things - and i do a lot of walking and dancing.
    Good luck!

  5. awww thankyou :) ohh how i would love to be naturally skinny! thanks for the comment :)

  6. oh my goodness i would love to be skinny as well, but you definitely don't need to be if you're a sizze 8 and are looking like that in your picture, you look fine DEFINITELY NOT FAT!! ahhh and i can see you like kristin cavallari and taylor momsen ( me too!)
    ps sorry for being a bit of a stalker, your blog's cute :)

  7. aww thankyou :) yes! they are my idols <3 no problemmm i LOVE reading through your comments :) xxx