Monday, 8 March 2010

Tip of the Day

Oh yes another tip :D Before I go on to it last night i went to the dizzee rascal and lily allen concert at the o2 in london. it was absolutely amazing!!! Me and my girls were up dancing the whole way though - seriously they are both such incredible performers! If your ever near one of either of their concerts definitely go see it! I wanted to find a picture of lily because she looked so gorgeous and her eye makeup was amazing. but there arent any up and my ones were really bad quality :/ My favourite songs of the night were holiday by dizzee rascal and 22 by lily allen. Oh soon i will do an outfit post of what i wore :)

Anyways I'll stop rambleing about my weekend - do you guys actually like hearing about what i get up to? When I read blogs I love to hear what they've been doing because it makes it much more personal but would you prefur if I kept it just to makeup and fashion?

The tip of the day is a really simple hair style that takes about a second to do and is SO on trend for this ss10. It is the alexander wang plait!

It was features on every girl in his ss10 collection and is the perfect hair style for school or work, ont the beach, in town, out partying literally anywhere! And its so easy to do simply brush your hair to the side and put it in a loose plait. Works especially well on long hair but medium length hair can do it too. It can look both dressed down and up! I wore it last night to the concert and will be regularly using it this whole spring summer season. Hope you like it!



  1. Glad you had a great time doll :)
    I enjoy hearing what you get up to.
    I agree with you about it being more personal xx

  2. aww thanks :)its always my favourite part about other peoples blogs when they talk about their weekend then link it to hair or makeup XD xxx

  3. ahhhhhh we have like, exactly the same template! glad to hear the concert was good :)

  4. ohh our taste rules :) im off to have a look at yours xxx