Friday, 12 March 2010

Happiness :D and shoes to look at.

So I've been trying to post the past few days but for some reason it wasn't allowing me to :( anyways i am SOOOOO happy because i got some gcse results back! Well one. For some reason my school decide to make us do the english language exam (i do both language and literature english as two separate gcses) like 6 months early. But anyways i took it in january and got my results back on thursday and got an A*! So now i have 2 a* gcses under my belt before even going into the summer exams (I already have an A* in it which I took in year 9). But yeah it also means I got £100 from my parents which shall buy me some very lovely shoes - i've already ordered some clogs off the river island website. What do you think? Clogs - yay or nay? And I shall be spending the rest in town tomorrow.
I'm in tonight for like the 1st time in about a year :( I have to revise for my german oral exam which is in just 4 days :S but its fine because i've got a party tomorrow :) what are you guys up to this weekend?

Anyways, to make this post a little worthwhile and interesting for you and not just me forcing my excitement and happiness onto you I have got pictures for you of some new shoes I recently bought. My birthday is in just 5 days - I'm going to be 16 and I'm having a HUGE 16th birthday party next weekend which i am so excited for! I bought some new shoes from Kurt Geiger for the party - they are sooo pretty but so high that I can barely walk in them let alone dance for 4 hours :S What do you think? :)

Hope you liked this post - sorry for it being abit rambly. Have an amazing weekend lovelies :)


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