Tuesday, 22 June 2010

World cup fever!

So even though England are doing painfully badly in the world cup I still love it and completely support them and still believe we can win the world cup (cmonn guys if you dont think positive theres not point). I get incredibly into the world cup and try and watch all the england games. I got particularly excited for the first one. I wore an england t shirt and did my nails especially - and here are the pictures.

Hope you like my patriotic clothes and nails! I'm definitely watching the game tomorrow - I'm having a few of my friends round to watch them. Have you been watching them? also tomorrow it is finally my last exam!!!! Its german writing which is hard but still this time tomorrow i will be free and summer would have officially started! eeeeeeeep!!!


Saturday, 19 June 2010


Sooo i had a little bit of money saved up so I put an order in at mac :) Its not often that i have money to spend on mac makeup because of the ridiculous prices so I am very excited about this. I only bought two items - the gaga viva glam lipstick and the mineralised skin finish natural in medium plus. They are both such good products!

First the msf. It gives such a good finish on my face and is the perfect shade for me. literally the shade could not have got closer to my skin tone! It gives a nice matte finish and i can use this all over my face in the place of foundation if i only want a light base or on top of foundation to provide really good coverage :) i apply it with my bare minerals flawless face brush. It stays on the whole night without priming or anything before - amazing!

Sorry for the lack of eyemakeup - i was getting ready to go in for an exam and just had to take a picture in my excitement because the finish was so amazing :)
The gaga lipstick - creamy long lasting and amazing. such a gorgeous subtle colour. beautiful :D
The packaging is AMAZING! im so in love with it!

Whats on your mac wishlist?


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Quick outfit post.

Sooo i decided to do a really quick outfit post in the time between revising for my latin exam and exercising and big brother. I wore this outfit when i went to the fair a few weeks ago one friday night. It got quite cold even though the evening started off sunny. I wore really tight jeans (they are almost jeggings) from topshop and a tight crop top also from topshop with some nude sandals yet again from topshop :) i truly do love topshop...anyone tried out their makeup? if i hadnt gone into money saving mode i would buy a few things. Sorry for the bad quality of the photograph...all i have is my blackberry to take pictures on :/


Sunday, 13 June 2010

Another 10 second look!

I've decided to make my 10 second looks abit of a feature because with all my exams recently i havent really been going out properly or anything and havent done many full faces of makeup. This look I did reallll quick when my dad suddenly announced we were going to pizza express. I had literally no time so all i did was put crystal by mac all over my lid and then do a liquid liner line and flick using my chanel eyeliner and did a kinda brown lip with an old brown lip colour and barry m lipgloss in toffee. I didnt even have time for mascara! S Also apologies for the ugly picture! I took it while i was in the car.

Sorry for the short post today...hope it helped you in some way :)

Hope your weekend was good! I am outraged at the world cup! completely! england should definitely have beaten usa dont you agree?!


Saturday, 12 June 2010

Summer bbq makeup

So i decided to do a makeup look :) This is a really simple one and I wore it to a bbq gathering thing about a week ago. The weather was gorgeee and it was such a nice evening. Shared a couple of bottles of wine and some food with some of my best friends :) I kept the makeup quite simple but put a bit of definition into the eyes because it was an evening thing and i wanted to show a difference from my usual day makeup. I used mac's crystal eye shadow all over the lid then a grey and black from my sleek acid pallette in the outer corner. I then did a peachey cheek with nars' orgasm and light pink lips with barry m lipstick in 101 and some barry m gloss.

What do you think of nars orgasm blush? It has to be one of the most famous blushes of all time. I loveee it personally :)
For my hair i had it in plaits in the day when i went out to town then just came back and took out the plaits and it was nice and wavy.

Hope you liked this look. Its summery and relaxed yet still polished and makes it look like you made an effort. I hope these summer looks help you plan your makeup for all the summer events i'm sure you have coming up :)

hope youre all well lovelies!


Friday, 11 June 2010

Day to night outfit!

So i decided to do something a little different for this post. I took two basic items from my wardrobe - my high waisted denim shorts from miss selfridge and my vintage lace top and made them appropriate for both a casual day event and a more formal evening event :)

So this is the one for evening. Obviously its not a really formal event - just more formal than day wear. I wore this to pizza express with my dad and sister. I added black knee high, an old denim jacket and my military boots. I reallyyyy like the knee highs and boots look and may be wearing it in the festivals if the weather isnt that good!

And this is how I wore it for day. Very simple just added my military boots. I wore this to town and then to a bbq in the evening. Obviously it was very hot this day or I couldnt have got away with wearing so little!

Hope you like the look!
Also - check out mroe magazine this week for a free barry m dazzle dust. I picked my up today :) And in glamour theres a free benefit eye pencil! How crazy! I would have bought it but i already have two lined up ready...silly me and my spending.

Have a good weekend guys :) got any plans?


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Top knot?

So the top knot hairstyle was all over the recent catwalks and I've seen loads of people wearing it in the day and night. I think they look quite nice and am really excited to try them at future events :) i'm thinking of pairing a tight top knot with heavy black eye makeup to make a really dramatic night look.
I am SO SORRY for these disgusting pictures of me. I have no makeup and my pyjamas on :| but i got the top knot perfect and had to take a picture.

This is one of the styles from the catwalks.

So what do you think of top knots? Good for summer? dramatic? good for night or day? ugly? too formal?


Sunday, 6 June 2010

10 second look!

So i was going into town the other day with my mum and because I wasn't seeing friends or going out properly or anything I literally spent 10 second on my makeup. It was really hot that day aswell so I didnt want to be clogging my pores with foundation concealer eye shadow or anything!
Sorry for the horrible eyebrows - i didnt even pencil them in that day (i pencil my eyebrows in every single day usually). All i did was take my eyeliner from mac in coffee and draw along the upper lash line with a small flick off to the side and the taking it down a little bit beneath the lower lash line. For 10 seconds i dont think it looks too bad!

The song of the day is Rockstar 101 by Rihanna. Absolutely loving her at the moment! My family are all seeing her today at capitals summertime ball in london along with people like usher justin bieber and kesha. i am SO jealous - i am the sole person stuck at home because its my maths exam tomorrow and i have to revise :( how awful eh?

hope you are all well :) apologies for the slightly uninspired post. I just wanted to show you my really quick dressed down look and i dont think it looks too bad. Usually whenever i leave the house i wear foundation, concealer, powder, blush, highlighter, bronzer, eye primer, a few eyeshadows, brow pencil, eyeliner, two or more mascaras, lip stick and lip gloss. a ridiculous amount i know! so this was crazyyyy dressed down for me! how much do you guys wear every day?


Saturday, 5 June 2010

Crop top ready?

So I've mentioned a few times on here about me wanting to lose weight so i could wear a crop top in summer and not be shamed. Well...i finally did it :D and wanted to show you guys the results.
I have lost quite abit of weight toned up and stuff - it has not been easy i can assure you! But yeah i think its kinda worked :)

This was taken at a gathering I had round my house last friday. Sun, music, best friends and a few shots of vodka = perfect evening! My crop top is from topshop and my jeans are SO old - i think they're from tesco :S

Hope youve been enjoying the beautiful weather if you live in england or any other place where theres sun :)


Thursday, 3 June 2010

Finally a makeup look

After my random posts that have been un makeup related and what have you I have decided to do another look. I was inspired by an advert i saw for a new urban decay summer pallete. Obviously doesnt look much like it but i though neutral colours on top of the lid with a line of colour on the lower lash line looked really nice! I wore this look to a bbq at my friends house and wore a vintage floral playsuit and some nude sandals with it :)

My outfit :)
Scary close up of my eye :S just so you can see the purple.
I used a tiny bit of powder - :O no concealer or foundation! i'm trying to give my skin a rest before wearing lots and lots of makeup for all the summer parties!
I did the neutral lid using ydk, half baked and twice baked from my urban decay sustainable shadow set. Then to add something different to the look i ran macs satellite dreams underneath my lower lash line to define my eye. no eyeliner needed :) I used a bit of mascara of course and then a light lipgloss.
I think this is the perfect relaxed but still interesting look for casual summer events.
Although i'm sure when summer comes and there are gatherings and bbqs i will still be getting out the dramatic eyes and lips...i cant help myself!

Hope you are all well :) any comments would be lovely...just want to hear from you guys :)


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I went shopping :)

So thankyou to my lovely lovely mother. She took me shopping today and bought me so much stuff! i have lots of makeup looks and outfits to show you...but i just really wanted to share with you what i bought.

A shirt from dorothy perkins. Not my usual choice for casual clothes of course but I have work experience as soon as my exams finish in 3 weeks so I needed some stuff for that. I don't generally like shirts that much but this one seemed alright.
Another shirt for work experience from topshop. This one actually looks quite nice on i think :) Its making me quite like the formal look...not much more formal than what i wear everyday. I am silly when it comes to dressing up for any occasion.
A blazer from topshop. The picture does not do it justice! It is truly gorgeous! and will look perfect for my smart clothes for work experience as well as going out this summer :)
Some new pumps. Mine for absolutely destroyed last term because i wore them everyday for school. These are from next - im really loving their shoes at the moment. seriously check them out!
Ohhh i love this dress! From river island just a really nice floral cotton dress. quite vintage looking i think. It'll perfect for any summer bbqs or gatherings.
A nice little cropped jumper from topshop. Its actually really cooling for the summer. i could definitely wear this with a little pair of shorts or something when it gets hot! The skirt is also from topshop. Just the classic black bodycon. I swear everyone owns one of these!
I'm actually in love with these shoes. Like my obsession is crazyyyy! I saw them in next and didnt stop begging until my mum bought them for me. Perfect for all summer parties, going out, town and in particular for the festivals! my festival outfits are now complete except i still have to plan my bag and makeup.

So guys what do you think of my purchases? I really do like to hear your comments! The weather was lovely in essex today...so glad the sun is back and hopefully this time to stay!