Thursday, 3 June 2010

Finally a makeup look

After my random posts that have been un makeup related and what have you I have decided to do another look. I was inspired by an advert i saw for a new urban decay summer pallete. Obviously doesnt look much like it but i though neutral colours on top of the lid with a line of colour on the lower lash line looked really nice! I wore this look to a bbq at my friends house and wore a vintage floral playsuit and some nude sandals with it :)

My outfit :)
Scary close up of my eye :S just so you can see the purple.
I used a tiny bit of powder - :O no concealer or foundation! i'm trying to give my skin a rest before wearing lots and lots of makeup for all the summer parties!
I did the neutral lid using ydk, half baked and twice baked from my urban decay sustainable shadow set. Then to add something different to the look i ran macs satellite dreams underneath my lower lash line to define my eye. no eyeliner needed :) I used a bit of mascara of course and then a light lipgloss.
I think this is the perfect relaxed but still interesting look for casual summer events.
Although i'm sure when summer comes and there are gatherings and bbqs i will still be getting out the dramatic eyes and lips...i cant help myself!

Hope you are all well :) any comments would be lovely...just want to hear from you guys :)