Sunday, 13 June 2010

Another 10 second look!

I've decided to make my 10 second looks abit of a feature because with all my exams recently i havent really been going out properly or anything and havent done many full faces of makeup. This look I did reallll quick when my dad suddenly announced we were going to pizza express. I had literally no time so all i did was put crystal by mac all over my lid and then do a liquid liner line and flick using my chanel eyeliner and did a kinda brown lip with an old brown lip colour and barry m lipgloss in toffee. I didnt even have time for mascara! S Also apologies for the ugly picture! I took it while i was in the car.

Sorry for the short post today...hope it helped you in some way :)

Hope your weekend was good! I am outraged at the world cup! completely! england should definitely have beaten usa dont you agree?!



  1. yep england shouldve fucking won :L stupid green FUMBLING THE BALL
    the yanks in my school r gonna rip the shit outta me cos of this lmao. (:

  2. ahaha :P i am disgusted by green :|