Friday, 9 April 2010

Been away again!

I am so so sorry guys I havent posted anything in YEARS! i've been so busy revising for my gcses and going out and stuff that I've completely paid no attention to the blog and its been making me sad because I so enjoy the feedback i get :) hopefully you havent given up on me!

Anyways I'm doing another outfit post - because i do love them so much!

I wore this outfit to a gig I went to about a week ago with my friends. As ever i dressed up :) Genuinelly it would be hard for me to feel overdressed for any occasion! I wear heels, dresses and lipstick whenever i go out in the day! As me and my friend said the other day - we would both rather be smart than 'fit'.

I am wearing a dress my mum got me from fashion union mail order catelogue with some black opaques and then some black ankle boots from new look. My hair I just straightened quickly and then on my face I used some nude colours from my urban decay sustainable shadow pallet and used some of mac's girl about town lipstick.

Song of the day - kelsey by metro station.

The weather is AMAZING at the moment! Spent my day yesterday lazing about brick lane, camden and leicester square in the sun. absolute bliss! hope summer is like the last couple of days! What have you been up to in our recent amazing weather?



  1. Well I wouldn't worry about posting, hope you are having fun! You look really pretty! Have you lost weight? You look really good! xoxo

  2. ahh i really enjoy posting though :)yes a little bit! thankyou so much! ohh how did you find new york?!

  3. you guys are so cute! Love your outfits :)