Saturday, 19 June 2010


Sooo i had a little bit of money saved up so I put an order in at mac :) Its not often that i have money to spend on mac makeup because of the ridiculous prices so I am very excited about this. I only bought two items - the gaga viva glam lipstick and the mineralised skin finish natural in medium plus. They are both such good products!

First the msf. It gives such a good finish on my face and is the perfect shade for me. literally the shade could not have got closer to my skin tone! It gives a nice matte finish and i can use this all over my face in the place of foundation if i only want a light base or on top of foundation to provide really good coverage :) i apply it with my bare minerals flawless face brush. It stays on the whole night without priming or anything before - amazing!

Sorry for the lack of eyemakeup - i was getting ready to go in for an exam and just had to take a picture in my excitement because the finish was so amazing :)
The gaga lipstick - creamy long lasting and amazing. such a gorgeous subtle colour. beautiful :D
The packaging is AMAZING! im so in love with it!

Whats on your mac wishlist?



  1. i really really want a mac msf grrr i have gaga you should totally get lauper is beautiful.

  2. Ahh i might when i have money again :) what kind of colour is it? ohh buy an msf - you will not regret it!