Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I went shopping :)

So thankyou to my lovely lovely mother. She took me shopping today and bought me so much stuff! i have lots of makeup looks and outfits to show you...but i just really wanted to share with you what i bought.

A shirt from dorothy perkins. Not my usual choice for casual clothes of course but I have work experience as soon as my exams finish in 3 weeks so I needed some stuff for that. I don't generally like shirts that much but this one seemed alright.
Another shirt for work experience from topshop. This one actually looks quite nice on i think :) Its making me quite like the formal look...not much more formal than what i wear everyday. I am silly when it comes to dressing up for any occasion.
A blazer from topshop. The picture does not do it justice! It is truly gorgeous! and will look perfect for my smart clothes for work experience as well as going out this summer :)
Some new pumps. Mine for absolutely destroyed last term because i wore them everyday for school. These are from next - im really loving their shoes at the moment. seriously check them out!
Ohhh i love this dress! From river island just a really nice floral cotton dress. quite vintage looking i think. It'll perfect for any summer bbqs or gatherings.
A nice little cropped jumper from topshop. Its actually really cooling for the summer. i could definitely wear this with a little pair of shorts or something when it gets hot! The skirt is also from topshop. Just the classic black bodycon. I swear everyone owns one of these!
I'm actually in love with these shoes. Like my obsession is crazyyyy! I saw them in next and didnt stop begging until my mum bought them for me. Perfect for all summer parties, going out, town and in particular for the festivals! my festival outfits are now complete except i still have to plan my bag and makeup.

So guys what do you think of my purchases? I really do like to hear your comments! The weather was lovely in essex glad the sun is back and hopefully this time to stay!



  1. completely agree with you about the gaga, she is soooo inspirational and amazing and just all around fabulous! thanks for the great comment <3
    some lovely purchases here, where is your work experience??

  2. genuinelly i am in love with her <3 no problem babe :) oh do you mind if i reply by commenting here? or would you rather me comment on yours? i dont mind either way :)
    its at an estate agents in london...may be dull but i'm excited to go up to london every day for 2 weeks!