Friday, 11 June 2010

Day to night outfit!

So i decided to do something a little different for this post. I took two basic items from my wardrobe - my high waisted denim shorts from miss selfridge and my vintage lace top and made them appropriate for both a casual day event and a more formal evening event :)

So this is the one for evening. Obviously its not a really formal event - just more formal than day wear. I wore this to pizza express with my dad and sister. I added black knee high, an old denim jacket and my military boots. I reallyyyy like the knee highs and boots look and may be wearing it in the festivals if the weather isnt that good!

And this is how I wore it for day. Very simple just added my military boots. I wore this to town and then to a bbq in the evening. Obviously it was very hot this day or I couldnt have got away with wearing so little!

Hope you like the look!
Also - check out mroe magazine this week for a free barry m dazzle dust. I picked my up today :) And in glamour theres a free benefit eye pencil! How crazy! I would have bought it but i already have two lined up ready...silly me and my spending.

Have a good weekend guys :) got any plans?



  1. u look so fucking cute babe. i would so wear that if i could buy the stuff from america :L
    email coming up.

  2. awww thankyou hun :) i shall go reply <3