Saturday, 5 June 2010

Crop top ready?

So I've mentioned a few times on here about me wanting to lose weight so i could wear a crop top in summer and not be shamed. Well...i finally did it :D and wanted to show you guys the results.
I have lost quite abit of weight toned up and stuff - it has not been easy i can assure you! But yeah i think its kinda worked :)

This was taken at a gathering I had round my house last friday. Sun, music, best friends and a few shots of vodka = perfect evening! My crop top is from topshop and my jeans are SO old - i think they're from tesco :S

Hope youve been enjoying the beautiful weather if you live in england or any other place where theres sun :)



  1. Well done doll ;]
    I had a fab day with some friends and some alcohol today haha x

  2. Nice post, like it.... keep blogging.

  3. you look great girl! congratss :)Xx

  4. thankyouu :)
    raspberry kiss - ahh its so fun isnt it?! think thats the way i wanna spend all summer tbh.
    hey girls :) thanks for checking out my blog. follow if you like?