Monday, 31 May 2010

My makeup collection!

Now i love love love looking at people's makeup collections so I decided to post a picture of mine. As you can see it's not as big as all of the ones you see on like youtube and stuff but I do not have a job and completely rely on my pocket money and presents to buy my makeup. I have no good storage either! It's all laid out over my dressing table. It is all ordered though :) here it is:

From left to right:
All my face products - my foundations, bronzers, blushes, face palette, concealers and primers :)
My pigments from pure luxe and barry m
My eyeshadow pallete and mac eyeshadows and bourjois smokey eyes set
My lipsticks :) barry m and mac
My lancome lipgloss
a couple of cheap lip palettes
my pencils - urban decay, benefit, mac, barry m
my lipglosses - rimmel, barry m, benefit etc
in the mug are my liquid liners :) - glitters from urban decay and collection 2000 and my black liquid liner from chanel.
My mascaras
2 face palettes from benefit
and my lovely brushes :) mostly mac

btw i'm not trying to brag or anything obviously...i mean theres not that much! This is my love and i am SO protective over it - when all my friends come round they know that my makeup tables completely off limits, its funny XD

anyway just though i'd post that because one of my favourite things is looking at people makeup collections!

hope youre all well and hope to hear from you soon :)



  1. ooooooooh goodness, you have so much, i have like, none! the lip product i used was a topshop tint called bitten berry, and then i put lots of lip gloss over (the lipgloss is by new york colour and called sugar kiss)
    hope that helps hon!

  2. awww thanks :) i love building my collection up! ahh the topshop tints! i was thinking whether to get them or not! what do you think of them?