Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Hi guysss!

I am so so so so so so sorry! Its been aaaaaaaages! I'm my gcses at the moment and have literally had no time at all to do any posts. I was thinking of giving up my blog completely but then saw a comment from surinsays - thankyou so much babe :) inspired me to keep going.
Anyway the post for today is the makeup I used for my last day, We all decided to do crazy amounts of makeup to school just because we're not usually allowed any!
I did a black smokey look on my eyes using bourjois smokey eyes set (the black one) with some mac black tied eyeshadow on top then some chanel liquid liner and lots of mascara. I used a LOT of bronzer and some bright pink lipstick - barry m number 145.
It seemed alot in the day but was really fun and looked quite good in all the pictures. Anyone else doing exams at the moment? Arent they awful! I'm stressed constantly ahhhh!
Hope youre all doing well :)
Would love to hear from you in the comment


  1. ohhhhhh so glad you decided to keep up with it, seriously, keep going - youll defff get loads of followers in no time!

    ohhhhh hope you had a nice las day, gawd i am sooooo uber stressed atm!

  2. I've really missed your blog, I've been checking back everyday to see wether or not you decided to post. :)

  3. awww thanks guys :) i'm definitely gonna do more posts. you guys are so lovely <3 xxx