Wednesday, 26 May 2010

ohhh 2nd post of the day!

So to make up for my lack of posting I've decided to do two posts in the space of about five minutes :)
This one is more of a discussion point. Its not makeup related but I really want to hear lots of views.
Losing your virginity?
Been a topic that I've had to think about a lot recently.
I know very personal thing but I really want to hear people views, experiences and everything. Really need some people to talk to!
Literally any small comment or advice or anything I would be so grateful to hear from you.
Thankyou so much guys :)


  1. u can talk to me if u want x email me

  2. thankyouu :) not letting me onto your profile :/ email me at

  3. i emailed you we can talk
    btw im english but i moved to america so we're 6 hours behind
    shouldnt be a problem tho lol x