Sunday, 30 May 2010

Lets do a review :) Rimmel london fake tan

So i have the palest skin tone ever! Genuinelly i am so pale. Don't know my mac foundation colour but with maybelline i'm cameo and rimmel i'm ivory and yeah...very very pale. So in the summer I use lots of fake tan. I have tried many a fake tan in my time and the one I'm loving at the moment is Rimmel London's sunshimmer instant tan makeup for face and body.
Sorry about the picture from the camera wasnt around and it looks exactly the same anyway.

This isn't a gradual build up but an instant tan (name kinda gives it away ;)) I use this whenever i'm going out and have some of my skin on show. It looks really dark when it first comes out of the tube but is actually really sheer and the colour is buildable and looks relatively natural. It can be used anywhere on your body and face and for me it has never gone streaky at all. It has a really good transfer resist. I have never seen it on my clothes or surfaces however I do sometimes notice that my tan has faded a bit by the end of the night. It does have a distinctive smell but I wouldn't say a bad one and definitely more like sun cream rather than the typical fake tan smell. The smell is easily covered up by perfume aswell :) It feels nice on the skin and sinks straight in to give a literally instant tan. However after the next half an hour or so I do notice it getting darker. It is so so cheap at just £3.99 in boots and it comes in 6 different colours for all different skin tones.

I absolutely strongly recommend this product because it gives a natural looking healthy tan without any of the tell tail fake tan signs :)

Hope you are all well. Have you tried any other fake tans? I've tried quite a few and have the occasional mystic spray tan for a party aswell!

its half term noww :D:D how exciting. Anyone have an plans for this week?



  1. thanks for the review! going to buy this tomorrow :) did you buy the matte or shimmer?x

  2. ohh i bought the matte :) only because i wanted the fairest shade. perfect build up and gives a really natural tan!