Thursday, 25 February 2010

Quick Update!

So recently i've been slacking on the old blog. Basically i went away skiing in Austria and i just havent got round to posting anything. I was thinking of just giving up on it but then i saw that i had a new follower and they commented and oh it made my day :) so i've decided I shall make a HUGE effort to regularly post. I actually have some great ideas for the blog. I just really hope that more people follow and comment and stuff because it makes me happy. That's all I really needed to say. Other than thankyou thankyou thankyou to the 3 people who follow me! And ohh i won't be posting tomorrow because Im off to see lady gaga at the o2 which i am SO excited about. I actually love her <3>
So yeah thats the update which i squeezed in before skins. Any thoughts on the new series?


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