Sunday, 31 January 2010

Random Haul

So recently I've been getting alot of money. Very unusual for me as I seem to be constantly in debt :) - the babysitting must be paying off. So I've been buying alot of clothes recently. I have also bought a few pieces of makeup - new foundation and the urban decay sustainable shadow paletter (I will review later). But this post is just about the clothes I've bought so you can get to see a little bit of my style.This is a dress from Jane Norman. It is absolutely gorgeous and features a rose graphic on the front and lace detailing at the back. Its quite short and is definitely made for dressing up and going out. I am planning to wear this when I go to a Dizzee Rascal and Lily Allen concert in a few weeks with my military flat boots and to a black and white 16th party where I'll wear it with some lace tights and HUGE black heels.
Another find from Jane Norman. This is a beautiful military style cropped jacket. Military is going to be huge this spring summer so I'm glad i found this - i now have 2 military style jackets :). Oh soon i'll post the findings of my research on the spring summer 2010 trends. Anyway I will be wearing this with a black ruffled dress, lace leggings and my military style boots to a gig this friday night.
Lace is going to continue to be so popular through spring summer therefore I bought some lace leggings from new look. These would go perfectly with any dress or top and shorts combo. I will be wearing these to the gig on friday and when I go and see Lady Gaga at the 02 in a few weeks!
Yet more lace this time its vintage - this top was only £2 from my local charity shop. It is so pretty and looks great worn over a simple black top or dress. I will wear this to the Lady Gaga concert at the o2 in a few weeks with high waisted studded hotpants, lace leggings, military boots and my huge fur jacket.
Another trend that's going to be huge this summer is leather and although right now it is not popular come summer it will be. I spotted these leather hotpants in the h and m sale for just £5 and had to buy them. It will save alot of money compared to having me buy them much later on from topshop for about £40. I will be wearing these to a houseparty coming up with a long sleeved black with gold sequins top, lace tights and my military style boots. As you can probably tell i am LOVING the military style boots - totally inspired by the ss10 catwalks and ofc effy from skins. Trying to recreate a look based on her for this friday night.

Hope you are well :)

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